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Frequently Asked Questions

frequently asked questions about sxm real estate

Buying and Owning Real Estate on St Maarten

Q: Can a foreigner own real estate in Sint Maarten?

A: Yes. Anyone can own property and is protected by law. There are no residency requirements or legal restrictions limiting foreign home ownership.

Q: What about title searches, closings, etc.?

A: A government-appointed notary will oversee the real estate purchasing process, helping make closings quick and reliable. All notaries are official lawyers, representing federal and local laws during the exchange of property. The notary provides the buyer with a complete explanation of the deed and answers to real estate questions.

He or she also ensures the title is free and clear of any legal disputes and registers mortgages and deed with the kadaster (Land Registry Office). Title insurance is not necessary on Sint Maarten. Closing costs are about 5% including a 4% transfer tax.

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The Role of a Civil Law Notary, by Lars de Vries, Candidate Civil Law Notary, St. Maarten.

The difference between a Civil Law Notary and a Notary Public, by Henry Parisius, Civil Law Notary, St. Maarten

Q: What kind of tax would I expect to pay as a property owner in Sint Maarten?

A: On Sint Maarten, there are no annual property taxes. Transfer taxes are included in closing costs.

Q: What capital gains taxes do you pay when you sell your Sint Maarten property?

A: When a privately-owned property is sold, there are no capital gains taxes

Q: Can I own property under a corporate name?

A: A property can be held in a local corporation or offshore company’s name.